Sunday, May 07, 2006

I have the "don't want to's". I'm almost to the "Can't freakin' make me's", but not quite. Anyone else have either of these diseases?

It'll be better with a little more sleep, I think . . . Although, I could sure use some good sunshine. ; )

I didn't realize it had a name but yeah, that's exactly what I've got! I'm already to the next level... You have to get that look in your eyes for that level, right? Yeah, I've got it.
I'm so sorry. I did not realize it was catching when I started talking to you.

Alas, there is no cure, although a wise friend recommended exercise.
LOL Jan! Well, I got that today. I just got done mowing, weed eating and pulling weeds. My yard looks good now. : )
O yes--I've had both those diseases--and sleep usually helps!

Perhaps there will be sunshine today!

I got it....Sleep? What is that again??
Come back, we miss you!!
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