Sunday, May 21, 2006

Great weekend! : )

I had such a nice weekend (I wanted to post in pink, because I'm wearing pink, but Momma says she can't read my posts well in pink.).

Friday I worked. It was a very busy day. I don't know how many tickets I entered. Or licenses I ran. But we've hired two new dispatchers. So, back to the training I go. I'm supposed to go in tomorrow to introduce myself and put them on a training schedule.

Saturday was my oldest baby's birthday. Daniel turned 13 (Help! I have a teenager!). It was also my favorite niece's dance recital. So, I asked Daniel if it was okay if we all went to Lyssa's recital on his birthday, and he agreed. After all, this may be Lyssa's last dance recital. She told her momma that she didn't want to do dance anymore. Daisy (very disappointed with this) asked Lyssa what it was that Lyssa didn't like about dance class. Lyssa very patiently stated, "The dancing, Mommy!" But we went to the recital which was held in a really nice university fine-arts auditorium in Birmingham. It was an AWESOME dance recital. They were all really good. Made you want to go sign up for a dance class somewhere, anywhere! And one guy there (recently became a teacher there) was unbelievable! He was better than anyone I've ever seen on TV. One of his numbers, he was clogging, and I'd almost swear there was smoke and sparks coming up from the floor! The whole show was very entertaining. I was so glad I'd gone. After the show was over, we all went to Joe's Crab Shack for Daniel's birthday. The waitress got the whole restaurant's attention, put him in a batman cape/hat/mask and made him run around the restaurant saying, "Have no fear, batman is here!" Daniel was just mortified! But it was really funny. And it was so nice having lunch with my whole family. I really love getting together with my brother and sister's families in addition to my parents. We're always easy to find when we get together. We're the loudest people around. But we always laugh and laugh when we get together. My family is awesome. I think Daniel had a good birthday. We had a birthday cookie together when we got home--just the 5 of us, because Madeline was very perturbed that she had not gotten cake out of this deal! LOL.

Today was kind of calm. We went to church, where we had a guest speaker--well, LOL, I guess they're all guest speakers when you get down to it. We don't presently have a pulpit minister. New building, no minister. But God will provide. I had John drop me off at home while the rest of them went to Walmart so Daniel could spend birthday money. (He recently got a Nintendo DS, and wanted more games.) And this way, I went ahead and got my jogging done. 2 miles today. I found a really nifty site that lets you plot out a running/walking route anywhere--and how far it is! Really cool! It's called USATF-America's Running Routes. So, I plotted out a 2 mile course in my neighborhood and jogged it. Daniel had an area-wide devo at 4pm, so we took him to the church for that. We went to church at the standard 6pm (LOL). And one of my dispatchers came to church. I was so glad to see her. Now, we're home, and I'm ready for bed!

Hope you all had as good of a weekend as we did!
(How was that, Andy? Did I do it justice?) ; )
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Daniel as Batman ; ) (Taken by Uncle Brandon's cell phone)

Could you tell the officers that it is SO much work for you to enter tickets? Maybe they might think about easing up a little! Cut a girl some slack!

Oh yeah, for you, too!
Yes, it was just as I remembered. It was a great time!
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