Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Why do I always wait so late to post in my blog? I'm always so tired when I get here.

I jogged 3.5 miles/walked 4 miles. It was a nice day, but the wind was pretty cool. So, when I got home, all sweaty, but cooling, I was COLD. But my body is complaining today, so maybe I should do step or something else tomorrow.

It's Tuesday, the end of my days off until Sunday. At least I like my job.

John starts a new job tonight. He still works for the same company, but he bid for (and received) a different job in the company. It comes with a slight raise in pay, and it's not quite as physical a job. Much easier on him. I'm so glad. That's an answered prayer, that is. Maybe next time he is eligible to bid out on a job, it will be a first shift job. That would be nice. I'm not complaining, mind you--but there's always something better out there.

I'm reading Fame of the Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury. Again, if you have not read any books by Karen Kingsbury, GO GET YOU ONE! ; ) (Can I get an amen, Mom? Daisy?)

Guess I'd better go to bed for now. I have to work in the morning. Just 4 hours tomorrow, but I still have to get up at 6am.

Good night y'all! : )

I am so amazed how dedicated you are to exercising!! I know I would feel so much better if I did, just can't talk myself into it.

Go girl! You have every right to be tired!!
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