Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We're back!

We got back at around midnight Sunday night. Yesterday, I spent most of the day trying to get caught back up on laundry and putting together my new page in my website. Check it out if you have time. We had such a marvelous time!

Daniel did well. They will be presenting his medals to him at church on Sunday night, the 30th. Then, I'll post the results. We are very proud of him.

It's been an eventful weekend. John had to work on Friday night, but Daniel had Bible Bowl on Friday night. So, the kids and I hopped on the church van to go to Mobile. The church rented an extra van, so we took 2 vans to Mobile. I got the van with the new youth minister and his wife in it. It was very enjoyable talking with him and his wife. They also had pictures of their wedding, and it was beautiful! So, the 5 hours of traveling went pretty quickly.

The motel is still recovering from the hurricane, so they only had 2 elevators open. Wow. So, it took us about a half hour to get to the church's suite on the 8th floor and find out that we were on the 14th floor (LOL). So, off we troop back to wait on the elevators. Meanwhile, while we're waiting, Daniel begins tiring of the wait, and he carried our luggage up bit by bit up the 5 flights of stairs to the 14th floor! Bless his heart! What would I do without my Daniel?

One of our ladies decided on Friday night that she was uncomfortable judging, and asked me if I wouldn't mind judging chorus. Wouldn't mind? I was THRILLED. It was so fun to write encouraging things on these very talented kids' judging sheets. I hope they ask me to do that again. : )

We competed in all of our areas and had a really nice devotional/awards ceremony. They sang one of my favorite songs--"Days of Elijah"! Then, our church went to The Original Oyster House to celebrate. We waited a bit over an hour to be seated, but they had a nifty sand based playground underneath the restaurant. (Madeline and her friend Natalie had the best time here, I think!) They also had a live singer there, and he sang some gospel tunes that he had written (I really enjoyed them!). He also let several of our girls sing on his microphone, too. Those girls really did well! It was like our own party while waiting for the party (LOL). I think when everyone did get to eat, we all ate too much! But we really had an enjoyable time, and there was such a spirit of unity on this trip.

Sunday morning, my family got up and packed up. We went down the street where we found a Krispy Kreme donut shop open on Easter Sunday! Not the most nutritious breakfast, but it is my favorite one. : ) Then, we headed out for the beach! And what a beautiful day God painted for us! Usually, we go to the beach on Good Friday. Since we were unable to go on Good Friday, we went on Easter Sunday (the kids are out of school this week, so it was okay to stay out later). And usually it is beautiful on Friday, but rainy on Sunday. Well, don't you know, God gave us a beautiful Sunday to go to the beach on? We had the best time.

And when we had played all we were able to, we left there and ate at Lambert's Cafe on the way back. Have you ever eaten here? I have a new favorite place! Oh. My. GOSH! They give you more food than you could eat in a month! We ordered our food, then came this lady offering fried okra (YUMMMMM!) to munch on while we waited. Then, a man came out, and when people in the restaurant saw him, hands went up everywhere! Before I could wonder long about this, he begins throwing yeast rolls across the dining room! I mean really humming them! It was so fun to watch. And when John caught a few for us, they were hot and melt in your mouth fresh! Then, they brought out our food--HUGE portions of it! John's food came in this monster skillet! And as we were eating, a lady came by with blackeyed peas, a girl came by with macaroni and tomatoes, and yet another lady came by with fried onions and potatoes tasty enough to give my grandma some competition! The food just kept coming! And the jokes! People were also coming around with practical jokes. One lady had a mustard bottle. She would ask you if you wanted some mustard, and then squeeze it all over you! But it was just a string that looked remarkably like a string of mustard. There was also a lady with a ketchup bottle doing the same thing. A lady was also carrying a pitcher of what looked like coke. She would pretend to stumble and "spill" the pitcher contents . . . but they stayed in place in the pitcher. Lots of tricks. The kids LOVED it!

LOL--boy were we tired on the way home, though. After a day at the beach and a full stomach, we were so sleepy! But we made it!

Glad y'all had a good trip. I love Lamberts. Me and the kids used to always go there on our trips to the beach. We would stand up and sing YMCA and all the fun stuff!
How neat! I'm so jealous you got to go to Lamberts! Mom's told me about that place! I wanna go, I wanna go!!!
Lamberts is a great place. Dalton even ate as long as they were throwing him food!
Sounds like soooo much fun! Did I mention that I think LTC is a great event ;-)?
Then add the beach and crispy cremes--wow!
Sounds awesome...can't wait to hear how he did!
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