Friday, April 28, 2006

Well, it happened. You are reading the blog of the new dispatch supervisor. My supervisor gave her two week notice today. I hope she will be happy at her new job. I'm pretty excited and a little apprehensive. I was bad and celebrated with some Taco Bell (my favorite). : ) I'll try to jog a little harder this weekend.

Daniel had a good time in Birmingham today. : )

And John is off tomorrow. : )

Sunday we have our first Bible classes in the new building. I'm pretty excited about that too. I've missed my Bible class. : ) Both of them.

Madeline has a birthday party to go to this weekend. She's very excited about that. I've got to go find a birthday present tomorrow. Can we say, "Momma's a procrastinator?".

And I'd like to write more, but OH. MY. GOSH. Kai is in SOME kind of a mood! No typing for me!

May I recommend McD's gift certificates?? All kids love them-that plus a movie card and you have a happy kid for a night-for $10. Way more useful than a toy. Kids from 2-100 like to pick out a movie and have a happy meal.

Congrats on the promotion...I wish I had a boss like you back when I was still working!!
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Congratulations--supervisor--that is impressive!
Congratulations! Nobody deserves this more than you! God is good!
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