Sunday, April 30, 2006

Well, I woke up to drizzly skies outside today, so no park day/jogging or walking after church. But that's okay. I improvised. Thanks to my brother Andy, I have a nice CD of Isaac Payton Sweat's "Cotton Eyed Joe and Other Bandstand Favorites". So, today, my workout consisted of teaching my kids the Cotton Eyed Joe and the Schottische. Oh gosh--it was SO fun! It had the especially long/fast version of the Cotton Eyed Joe. And following my baby brother and sister's tradition, we hollered, "OKAY!" whenever the song asked us what we stepped in [blushing]. I don't think the kids ever thought it said anything else. I know my brother and sister never had a clue when we were younger [giggling]. Daniel got bored of it fairly quickly, but Madeline wanted to do it over and over. Then she wanted me to show her how to waltz. What did I start??? But we really did have a good time. And we worked up a pretty good sweat, too. Malachi had a good time running around and hollering, "HI!" whenever the people in the song hollered "HEY!" on the Schottische. It was too cute.

As a side note, I've found that I can't listen to it in the car. It just makes me want to pull over and dance. ; )

And tonight, Daniel got his medals at church. He got gold in Chorus, Christian Art and Daily Devotional Challenge. He got silver in Speech, Live Christian Drama, Puppets and Song Leading. He got participation in Bible Bowl (we'll work harder next year). We are very pleased with Daniel and all his hard work, and thankful to God for Daniel's natural talents.

What a great way to get exercise--you are so creative!

Way to go Daniel for LTC--that is terrific!

You gave me 3 Christian fiction books about Hawaii--I won't be able to get to fast enough!
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