Monday, April 24, 2006

Ugh. Not eating well, and not exercising enough. But it's just been one thing after another today. LOL--but SG just made me feel better about my day! Click here.

Today, I struggled with something rather silly, but it bothers me nonetheless. But to be fair, I am a type A personality, and stupid things bother me. I'm working on it . . .

But have you ever had someone tell you something that they did--even while knowing you didn't approve of this thing that they did, and you had to wonder why they felt the need to rub it in your face? I mean, why tell me? It is their life, and they do have the right to make their own decisions. But I don't know, if I know that someone doesn't approve of something that I do, I try not to talk about it when they are around. I always thought it was good manners. I don't lie about it, and if asked I would straight up tell you, but I don't flaunt it. For instance: I occasionally drink alcoholic beverages. I do. If this bothers any of my blogville readers, I do apologize--I wouldn't mention it if I knew it bothered you. But I do know for a fact that my grandmother is HUGE against drinking any alcoholic beverages for any reason. So, I simply don't mention the wonderful pina colada I had when I ventured into a wet county one day. Am I making any sense whatsoever? Or am I talking in circles? If you made it this far, congratulations on muddling through my thoughts this evening. But I'm a little agitated. I'll get over it. ; )

Wishing you an un-agitated evening. : )

It's called respect. I try to respect others' opinions if they differ from my own (ie. WRONG)

I hope that I don't offend others but, if I do - it's not done intentionally and I think that they carry some of the burden to be forgiving.
SG's blog cracked me up too.

I'm not eating well and not exercising enough too. Glad you didn't ask about the running this morning.

Sounds like a nice glass of wine would un-agitate your evening.
The sub-title to Velvet Elvis is 'repainting the Christian faith'--he has such good thoughts.
Ahh Susie, a kindred spirit. Much of what I "don't say" on my blog is to keep from offending someone. Still I may occasionally offend, but not intentionally.

Amy seems to have a good idea, she just doesn't know how hard that glass of wine is to come by in this town.....

Hope your evening gets better....
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