Sunday, April 09, 2006

Terri, I'm so sorry I didn't read your blog in time to give you any weather alerts. It was quite a night, wasn't it?

I had a rough day Friday. The night before, I had stayed up praying and crying about the elephant, so I got no sleep. Then, Friday was rough at work. People called me all day for the goofiest things. Then, the daycare called and said they were closing at 1pm for the weather. Great. Thank God for mothers. Mine came valiantly to my rescue and took my 3 kids in until I could get off work. The school had let out at 1:30pm, and John had to be at work at 3:30pm. So, when my workday FINALLY ended, I picked my kids up from Mom's and headed home. Mom had already fed them (I was SO glad), so I organized baths and into my bed we 4 crawled. I had to take a Soma (I have 6 bulging discs, and stress really gets them excited!), and then if I wasn't exhausted enough, the weather radio kept going off to tell me about THUNDERSTORM warnings. Okay. Tell me about Tornado warnings, but I'm pretty sure I can figure out the thunderstorm one. Then, the hail came, and my kids snored blissfully on. Good--that was 99 less verses of "With Christ at my vessel, I can smile at the STORM, smile at the STORM, smile at the STORM!" I had to sing. So, I alone laid there shaking the bed in my fear. Happy, I could have done with some of that wine, I guess. LOL.

Terri, I'm assuming Lawyer is a pet??? LOL. When you said you grabbed Lawyer and your cell phone, I thought, "Well, that's one way of dealing with a storm!" LOLOL!

Donna, I wish I could watch the storm valiantly like you instead of cowering with covers over my head. ; ) Guess I'd better sing a few more verses of that song . . .

Hang in there! Kid grow up awfully fast!
Lawyer is my bear. I've been sleeping with Lawyer for about 20 years now. :)
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