Thursday, April 06, 2006

Starting a little earlier tonight . . .

What a day! It started fairly early and was just one thing right after another. My officer would go in service from a call, and I'd have another ready for him to go on. Wow. Then it was pick Madeline up to take her to Southern Starlets, come home, fix dinner, serve my boys, leave them home to eat while I go back and pick Madeline up, then back home again. Thursdays are hectic!

John seems to like his new job. I'm so pleased. If Daddy's happy . . . well you know. : )

Pray for me and my elephant. I'm trying so hard not to worry, but it's hard sometimes . . .

Soooo . . . something positive. Tell me about your favorite childhood memory . . .

Mine is playing kickball on our street. We lived on a cul-de-sac, so we played ball in the circle a lot. It was me and a bunch of boys, but they wanted me on their team, because I could kick the ball far. It's nice to be accepted, isn't it?

You must be a high energy person--you are so busy.
Thanks for your comment on my question today--I am really wondering what others see in people that reflects Jesus!
My favorite childhood memory is sitting by the river. We were within bike riding distance of a river and I used to go and sit beside it. It was different all the time, after rains it would be so swollen out of its banks. After dry spells it was so mch smaller, but always fast and noisy and I loved it.

I was also only five or six and usually alone, so as a mom now that completely freaks me out!!!
I have so of my favorites is that we made what we called "goulash" after a rain. We actually just found some half wet dirt and worked it with our feet until it made a good solid mud....

Yep, I was a prim and proper little girl.....
When I lived with my father, stepmom,2 half sisters and 1 half brother , (almost 30 years ago).My sister "Susie" and I would wait till the parents were asleep and then we would creep into the kitchen. Open the deep freeze. Grab a box of frozen Twinkies and eat all of them before we went to bed.I haven' seen her for almost 30 years now. I wonder if she has/was/is mad at me for leaving?
Lee Ann, how could "Susie" possibly be mad at a sister that she has missed horribly for almost 30 years???

Oh my gosh. I can't believe you remember those twinkies!

My email is PLEASE PLEASE email me!
So that's what happened to my Twinkies!!

Love Your REAL Dad in Houston!!!!!!!!!
Frozen twinkies are the bomb.
; )
"oops, Now he knows!!! And you are right, Frozen Twinkies are the BOMB!!!
Another memory I have is also about food. I LOVED your Mom's pork and bean sandwhiches!!! She is the only person I know who made those. Well, Except NOW I make them on occasion. Do you?
I'm loving this twinkie drama and reunion!
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