Monday, April 03, 2006

Miscommunications . . .

Madeline just came in and asked John, "Daddy, can we play S-I-N I-T?" (she spelled it--but I'm not sure who she was trying to hide it from by spelling) John, confused, asked, "Sin It?" Madeline says, "No, Daddy, that Harry Potter game--SCENE IT. We laughed and laughed.

It brought to mind another miscommunication John and I had when we were dating. I don't remember where we were going, but we got in the car, and I reached over and hit the automatic door locks. "I locked us in," I said. John gave me the strangest look while his eyebrows shot straight up. "Really." was all he said. I frowned, puzzled, and said slowly, "Yes. I locked us in for safety." John laughed until he had tears. "I thought you told me, 'I like to sin.'"

Well, I can see where that would have caught him off guard...probably his dream come true!!
This reminds me of my son Chase when he was 3. I was working at a mexican food place called "Two Peso's". When we were getting in the car to take me to work one day, Chase asked, " Are you going to go work at "Tooth Paste-O'S" today ,Mommy?" Oh it was too cute!!!
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