Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It was a good day today!

I got up and went jogging. John wanted to walk with me. That was interesting, because John doesn't jog, and I really wanted to jog. So, with him pushing the stroller, I basically jogged circles around him, so I could still keep him company and not jog off and leave him. LOL--this was actually a kind of funny thing in that John has such long legs that when we both actually walk, I have to kind of trot to keep up anyway. So, this was a nice switch. : ) We were also carrying on a steady stream of conversation throughout these 3 miles, so I figure between jogging in circles and talking while I jogged, maybe I burned even more calories. Then, I walked the 3 miles with Mom and jogged 1.5 more. So, that brings me to 4.5 miles jogged/3 miles today.

Daniel had a band concert tonight, and that was really neat, too. And Malachi was so good and sat pretty still for the whole hour and a half. That's a lot for a little boy! But LOL--by the time we walked in our door at home, he started HOWLING for the potty! Poor thing! He had to GO.

And today, God took one of my elephants away. We finally got the previous owner's title to our car! Long story, but we've been trying to get a clear title to the car we bought since January. Praise God, it came today.

Please keep praying for the biggest elephant (I seem to have a small herd--LOL). But at least God has given me joy today.

Hope you're having a joyful night. I've got to go to bed for now. I have to work tomorrow!

Small herds of elephants can be such a nuisance--I'm thankful for your joy--what a gift from God!
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