Sunday, April 23, 2006

First Sunday

Today was a neat day! We had our first church service in our new church building! It was really nice! This was the first time I had been in the building since we all wrote our favorite verses on the foundation of the building. (Mine was Psalm 40:3 "He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise unto our God". I wrote it in what looked to me like a perfect choir loft--little did I know it was just the sound equipment area.) I missed the cookout that they had yesterday. It was from 4pm to 6pm, and I got off work at 6pm. I was so disappointed to miss it. But today was glorious! The new auditorium was PACKED (surely we need more pews?), and the sound of the singing was incredible. Malachi made it through to about halfway through communion before I had to take him out. So, I took the opportunity to walk with him through the building and familiarize myself with it. It was really nice. The feature that I think I liked best was the speaker system that played the sermon throughout the building hallways. So, everywhere I walked with Malachi, I didn't miss any of the sermon. Cool, huh? And they left the back doors of the worship center open to the foyer--so whenever they sang, I could slip in the back and stand and sing along. When the song was over, Malachi and I walked on. He'll sit still for the songs, it's mostly the quiet parts he gets restless for. We walked into the beautiful chapel, and then quickly moved on when Malachi discovered that when you stomped your feet on the raised portion (I know I shouldn't call it a stage) of the room, it made a horrific noise! I wanted to go into the training room, but I hadn't brought any coloring books, toys or snacks, and it looked pretty crowded, so maybe we'll try that next Sunday. Bad Momma for not being better prepared.

After church, I wanted a park day (so I could jog!), but John didn't feel well, so we went home. Just as well. Daniel & I needed to get the yard done, anyway. Afterward, the kids and I relaxed in the kiddie pool for awhile (yes, I get in, too). So, weather-permitting, I will jog tomorrow morning.

It was such a nice day . . .

Your new building sounds great!

Hope you get that jog in tomorrow!
What a blessed day of worship in your new facility!

I'll jog with ya in the morning, how about that? I lost my jogging buddy last fall (she moved), and it's too easy to hit that snooze button. So ask me later if I got up, okay!
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