Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Well, I don't know what that was about, but when I opened up blogger "create post", all the fun buttons were missing. There was no font, normal size, bold, italic, etc. Just title and typing space. [twilight zone music playing]

Kind of a cold, overcast, damp day today. But danged if I missed out on my 4.7 walking miles and 3.5 jogging miles. Go me. I probably won't be able to stand up from the bed in the morning, but maybe my metabolism will be revved anyway, y'think? LOL.

Do any of y'all ever still have momma/daughter moments? I mean the ones where you're quite sure you have been transported back to the age of 13 in dealing with your momma? I had one yesterday. When I walk/jog in the park, I usually get my jogging and extra walking out of the way before 10am when my Momma gets to the park and we walk her 3 miles. Well, yesterday, I was so pleased that I had jogged a whole 3 miles straight (exhausted, but pleased). I met Momma in the parking lot, raised both fists in the air Rocky-style and said, "I ROCK!" My Momma furrowed her brow and said, "Iroc? Isn't that a car?" I stopped just short of rolling my eyes (she always asked if there was something interesting to see up there), and explained my meaning. LOL--but it's been awhile since I had that rolling eyes, sigh of exasperation, "Mom!" kind of moment. It was kind of funny.

Hello? IROC? International Race of Champions? Where have you been girl?

Unfortunately, I never gave up the eye-rolling.
Eye roll, "Gee mom, as if"...turn around, pout because nobody "gets" you and go flop down somewhere wearing your favorite scowl.

I miss being a teenager...NOT!!
I didn't know we were sisters!
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