Thursday, March 16, 2006

Time for some de-stressing exercise!

What a night I had last night!

To start with, I was trying desperately to get everyone into the shower/bath and get ready for church services. I had just sat down to do my make-up, when I hear CRASH! Great. I told Madeline (who was in the bathroom) to unlock the door. She said, "I can't. There's glass everywhere!" So we do the breaking and entering thing (with the aid of a coathanger--LOL) and find the full-length mirror that is usually mounted on the linen closet door (that I use every day to do my hair) smashed on the floor. Great. Most of the pieces are still in the frame--there were just slivers on the floor. Daniel is already dressed, so I ask him if he minds running the wet Swifter over the bathroom floor to pick up the remaining slivers. Okay. So, I go get Madeline's clothes (a really cute little outfit--khaki crops with embroidery and a complimenting pink polo shirt) and let her dress in my room. When I come back, Daniel is finished. I forgot that I had been doing my make-up. I dragged a bedroom mirror from my room into the bathroom to do my hair. I go to sit down (mirror isn't tall enough to stand and do my hair like I usually do), and firmly embed a nice size sliver of glass in my foot. I hollered in pain and disgust, bringing my youngest two in to gawk and ooh and aah over the blood in horrified fascination. AAAGH! "OUT." I firmly told them. Our bathroom isn't big enough for 4 people at once. I'm finally getting the glass out, but I have to wear a band-aid, because naturally, it won't stop bleeding. I hear Madeline say, "Oh, great." What now? Apparently, she knocked over a full bag of Cheetos everywhere. I told her just go ahead and pick them up as I'm trying to fix my hair. Then she moans. "Momma, you're gonna be so mad . . ." What else? She comes in, and evidently, after picking up the Cheetos, she wiped her hands on her beautiful khaki crops. To make matters worse, she had taken a baby wipe and tried to clean it, smearing it all. I'm shrieking inside now, at the end of my rope. Okay, Madeline, there is a pair of jeans on my dresser that I just washed. Go put them on. By this time, it's 6:25pm, and church starts at 6:30pm. Of course, I never go anywhere without my make-up, so I dash some lipstick and mascara (all I had time for), and throw the kids in the car to go to church. I'm very glad that they didn't sing, "Count Your Many Blessings", because even though that's what I desperately needed to do, I wasn't there yet.

In any case, we got through it. Today, I did 7.5 miles. Walked 4.25 miles, and jogged 3.25 miles. If de-stressing me takes more than that, I may die . . .
: D

Hope you all are having a nice calm day! : )

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