Sunday, March 05, 2006

Quiet Day

Not much to report today. Kind of slow. About all I did all day was tell the inmate in cell 4 that YES, I would tell the officer when he came in that the inmate in cell 4 wanted to use the phone! And watch "The Notebook" and cry. ; ) Such a sadsweet movie. Book was even better. But now, my weekend is over, and I'm off for the next two days--WHOO HOO! I hope it doesn't rain. I'm supposed to meet my Momma at 10am to go walking.

Madeline spent the night with Lyssa Laine (my niece) at Nanapappaw's house. Momma said they all had a ball. They made peanut brittle Saturday night, and pecan waffles Sunday morning. They got to take a bath in Nana's deep clawfoot tub, with bubbles and made bubble Santa Claus beards. (LOL) Doesn't that just sound like the bomb? How cool is that? Then they went to Heritage Place Church of Christ Sunday morning and got to see Mr. Wayne (Kilpatrick). Wish I could have gone. : )

Calling all prayer warriors--my sister Daisy's friend is not doing well. Momma's brought her up for prayers in Wednesday night class. She had cancer, and had to have a complete hysterectomy. And she's rather young. To add to the complications, she has now gotten an infection. So, she's in a lot of pain and feeling a little down. If you've ever been in pain for awhile, you know how wearing that can be. So add her to your prayer list, y'all. : ) TIA!

I missed you all this morning.

I will be praying for Daisy's friend.
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