Sunday, March 19, 2006

No voice : (

I have no voice today. I went jogging on Thursday at the park. While I was plugging away, they decided to mow the lawn, and blew grass, dust, pollen, and who-knows-what-else right into my lungs. By Friday morning, my voice was weakening, and by the time today came around, I had nothing. It was not as nice of a service for me today. I always get the most out of the singing and music, but today, I couldn't even force out the alto notes (I'm usually a soprano). Music has always lifted me up and carried me away. With praise music, it makes me feel even closer to my Master. But not today. I didn't even want to go. However, God sent me something else. He sent 3 young men from Heritage Christian University to speak during classtime. The second one was my favorite. He was a young man from India who felt called to work in the missions field in his homeland where Christianity is a very tiny minority. He had left his wife and small child to come to America and go to school to be a missionary. It was really a good speech, and it made me forget my petty voice problem for awhile. : )

Now, I'm tired. Talking today was so much of an effort, because I had to really force my voice to put the tiniest sound out. I couldn't go jog/walk today anyway, because it was cold/raining, but I don't think I'd've had the air to do it anyway. I feel like I've had a cardio workout! Say--do you figure I burned a bunch of extra calories today? That'd be nice. : D But I'm waiting for my Daniel to get home. He went to an Area-wide devo with the youth group. He called at 9:30pm to tell me that he was an hour from home. So, I'm trying hard to stay awake until he gets home.

Keep Momma in your prayers. She's in Dallas, Texas with my dad--he has some kind of work convention there. I just heard from her a couple of hours ago. They just got into their hotel room. She said they had really bad weather on the way down.

Also, one of Malachi's daycare teachers (my favorite one) needs lots of prayers. She fell on Friday, and broke her neck. She was in the ICU in Huntsville Friday night. I'll try to get more details tomorrow when the daycare is open. She's only in her early 20's, and she has no health insurance. Pray hard, y'all!

I sure hope your voice is better. Thanks for the well-wishes for me and especially Diana and the babies. Can't wait to see everyone.
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