Friday, March 10, 2006

It's a GLORIOUS day here in the Heart of Dixie!!! I went to the park today to do my walk/jog, and you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Warm outside with a nice cool breeze. There was a girls softball tournament going on, and a whole school of kids came and flew kites! There was so much to watch! Malachi just LOVED it!
It was so funny, I was cruising along, and you know it's good manners to greet people as you pass them. So, of course I passed a lady and she said, "Hello! How are you?" to which I replied, "I'm good, thanks, and you?" She said she was fine. Then, I hear this little high pitched voice come out of Malachi's stroller, "Hi! And how are YOU? Fine, thank YOU!" I got to giggling so hard and told Malachi, "You're so funny!" to which he replied, "No, YOU'RE funny!" and we both giggled.
I walked 4 miles, jogged 2miles! I think the jogging ones are finally getting a little easier. I don't feel like I'm gonna fall out, anyway. ; )

We've had a beautiful day here too--I've been inside working--so I should get out and walk now!
We are also enjoying this wonderful weather! Your little Malachi has a great sense of humor. :)
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