Friday, March 31, 2006

I didn't blog yesterday, because something was wrong with AOL, and everything was working s o o o s l o w l y. I was falling asleep and finally gave up!

I got most of a day off today. John called me at work at 6:30am to tell me Madeline had a fever. John has to be at work at 4pm, and I don't get off until 6pm. So, I tried to get someone to come in to let me leave early. The last time I was doing that, I was sick in the trash can all day before someone could be troubled to come in at 4pm. I had been there since 6am. I was not optimistic today. But isn't that when God steps in? Amazingly, the girl who was supposed to come in for her 4 hour admin day today, was 8 hours short on her pay due to surgery. And she was willing to come in at 10am and work until 6pm for me--and it wouldn't cause any overtime to do this. YAY! And even better, I have sick time earned to cover the 8 hours. YAY! So, I came home at 10:30am, and Madeline and her Daddy were sound asleep. Far be it from me to wake them up--I took a nap too! Guess I must have been tired. I NEVER take naps, but I slept for 3 HOURS! Wow. Hope I can sleep tonight.

You know, the more you try not to think about pink elephants, the more you think about them? I have an elephant in my room, and it won't let me sleep much at night. Will you pray about my unspoken request?

Man I hate those pink elephants. I sure will be praying for yours.
I'm going to my closet for you right now.
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