Friday, March 24, 2006

Hi, it's me. (Who were you expecting?)

One more shift this week! WHOO HOO! And it's a weekend day, too. Maybe it'll be a great day! I'm willing! : )

We've been having politics problems at work, and if you've ever seen me, I'm sure you couldn't possibly miss the bright, flashing neon sign on my forehead that says, "Tell me EVERYTHING! Your whole life story! I need to know it all, and I need to know RIGHT NOW!" So everyone keeps trying to drag me into it all. UGH. I just want to smile, laugh, and do my job (maybe in that order). But sometimes it's hard to keep your spirits up with politics raging around you. But at least it's only my immediate supervisor who is mad at me, and I never really work with her. ; ) But I think everyone else is mad at everyone else!

Daniel and I had a good time on the way home. John picks Daniel up from school and drops him off at the police department on his way to work. He sits in the kitchen, finishing his homework and then watching some TV until I get off work at 6pm. Then we get to ride home together, just the two of us. Sometimes we talk on the way home, but tonight was Friday night, and Fridays always feel so celebratory (even if I work on Saturdays). So we turned the CD player up loud (which is pretty loud!) and sang DC Talk's "The Dive" at the top of our lungs. I hope I never get Alzheimer's Disease, because it's moments like these that I want to remember for the rest of my life. I sure do love my Daniel. : )

I think he loves you right back!
Those are the special times....It is great to repeat some of them with my grandkids...the pleasure of being a young Mi-Mi!!
Is there any office without politics??? eeekkk!

How fun--DC Talk--really loud--on a Friday--I hope you never forget that either!
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