Monday, March 20, 2006

Busy Day

We had a fairly busy day, trying to get our house back tidied up where it's supposed to be. I did interval step training today, because naturally it rains on my day off. No jogging for me. And it's funny, but I've been jogging so often lately, and I haven't done step in a looooooooooong time. And my legs are more fatigued from the step routine than the jogging. I wouldn't have figured that, but there it is. I'll probably be feeling this tomorrow. Maybe it'll be sunny tomorrow, and I can jog. That'd be nice. Some nice sunny spring weather without the advance April showers.

Well, my toddler has once again demonstrated the ability to play back things he has heard that maybe he shouldn't have heard? In any case, he has been strutting about the house singing, "Badonkadonk". I really have to laugh behind my hands at this, because it sounds hysterical, but I live in terror that he will sing it to his nice Bible School teacher at church. He's done this before, repeating my expletive "shootamonkey!". His teacher was quite confused. But with this song, I really am to blame. He's never actually heard the song on the radio (we listen to Christian CD's in the car) or on TV (we don't watch TV--just DVD's), he's just heard his Momma get stuck on that song. Well, maybe his teacher won't have heard the song, and maybe she won't know what a badonkadonk is [hopeful].

Dalton was singing "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off". I had never heard it! He asked if I live in a cave... smart mouthed kid - where do you suppose he got that?
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