Sunday, March 12, 2006

Busy Day . . .

Well, it's another busy Sunday. Had church this morning, then 4 of us went to eat lunch while Daniel had SELTC drama practice this afternoon. Now, I'm trying to get a load of clothes in while willing my lunch to digest quickly so I can squeeze a jog/shower in before the V.B.S. meeting at 4:30pm this afternoon. Then church--it's our turn to do Kids For Christ tonight--dinner, and bed (I have to get up at 4:30am in the morning). Wow. And it's my day off!

I get so caught up reading everyone else's blogs and the message board I frequent, that I forget my own.

I triumphed yesterday! I was so excited. I jogged 2 miles and walked 4 miles with Daniel. And I lost another inch off my waist. Maybe I can do this . . .

We had a really neat morning at church. We installed (that sounds so mechanical, but John assures me that's the word I'm looking for) 15 new deacons in church this morning. How exciting! And praise God, we have a new youth minister who should be joining us in a couple of weeks. All this and a new building we're getting ready to move into--it's rather exhilarating! Two of those deacons were a father and son. I couldn't help but give that momma an extra good hug, because I know she must be so pleased. How wonderful to have both your husband and son honored at the same time like that. At the end of the service, the congregation surged forward to greet/hug our new deacons. Naturally, yours truly was going against the tide. I came across our very own Princess who assured me that she was "one-arming it". You go, girl! I know that's outside your comfort zone. But so far, it's been a really neat day. Guess I better get my bee-hiney busy! Have a super great day! :)

I got pulled into a couple of full frontals... I'm just SO stingy with MY SPACE!
Hey Susie,
I tried to mentally wave back at lunch...but some little wiggle worm demands much of my time.

Sunday was special. I was glad I was able to be there..
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