Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another LONG day--but I'm off for the next two! : )

Another long day. I was training the same girl today. And had two girls burst into tears on me today. But it wasn't me--it was my officers. What a day. I sure hope I can go walk/jogging tomorrow and Thursday.

My Chief told me yesterday, that he heard a rumor that my supervisor will be leaving the PD, and if that's true, I WILL be the next supervisor (emphasis his). Well, I'm not sure quite how that is supposed to make me feel. LOL. This is the second time that I have had the supervisor position somewhat offered to me while the supervisor is STILL IN POSITION. Whacked. All of them, whacked. I'm just praying over all of it . . . The dispatchers start our new schedule next week. My supervisor is very hostile to me right now, because she feels that she has to work 12 hour shifts because I was being unreasonable about working nights and hiring a stranger to keep my babies. So, keep me in your prayers that I will do my best work that she will have trouble finding fault with, and that I will stay in favor with the bigger bosses.

Hope you all are having a good week! : )

I hope, for your sake, that she goes! It is always nice to be recognized for the quality of work we produce...it doesn't happen very often but it is nice when it does. Hang in there!
I do hope you get the postition you would like to have. I'm sure it is very difficult juggling work and mommy work.
I'm running this morning too!
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