Thursday, February 09, 2006

HOME AT LAST! I do so love Thursdays before my weekend off! Whoo hoo! Mostly I just putter around the house and play with my kids, but that's what I do! I love to be home with my kids. LOL--I even kinda like laundry!

Boy was it busy at work today! It started out kind of slow (and I must admit I was rather enjoying that), but then it kicked into gear at around 10am, and never hit the brakes. We arrested our first DUI at noon! And I kidnapped any member of the department who happened to wander anywhere within hearing distance of my office, so I could get a bathroom break! At 6:15pm, I had to finally jump up from the console so my relief could jump in and take over the radio. It just kept going! But then I did get to go, ran to pick Maddiepoppet up and drop her off at Southern Starlets, and I took Daniel and Malachi to rent some movies from Movie Gallery and pick up some dinner from Walmart. We finally decided to rent Sky High and The Legend of Zorro (we loved the first one!). Rush to pick Madeline up, rush home and fix dinner (we had Mexican--Yumm!), do baths, and now two out of three of my kids are in bed. I have quiet time for the first time today since 4:30am. Now I have a better concept of why God says, "BE STILL and know that I am God." It's much more difficult to hear the small still voice of my God over voices demanding license plates and driver's licenses to be run. As much as I love my time with my kids, this time is nice, too. : ) I hope you all have a refreshing evening! : )

Nice quiet evening, hubby and I ate at the Angler and just chilled in front of the fire. I started a new book (it's about Hell) and tried to forget the emotional hell I had been through during the day...

too much info, sorry!
No way, man. That's not too much info. You had a valley day. Maybe today is the day you start climbing the mountain again? What book are you reading?
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