Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Hope all of you are doing well today. : )

John, the kids and I celebrated Valentine's yesterday, because he was working tonight, and I had to work today. So, we went to see Narnia at the theater (a treat, because we usually just rent movies). It was really good. Poor Maddiepoppet tuned up a bit when Aslan was killed, but she brightened up when the stone table cracked. Good movie!

LOL--well, my week just got longer. I'll be working Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday too. Oh, well. Overtime city, here I come. And I think I get holiday pay for Monday on top of regular pay. Good deal. : )

I can't write much today. It's already 10:30pm, I've been up since 4:30am, and I have to get up tomorrow morning at that time. But for all you prayer warriors, keep one family in mind whose son chose to end his life at 5am yesterday morning on highway 91. So sad. Hug your kids, y'all. I am.

Happy V-Day to you. I hate that you see so much heartache and pain. But it is good to have such a wonderful prayer warrior in place in those situations!
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