Sunday, February 26, 2006

Go us!

Daniel & I went walking today, but John called us halfway through and said he needed something out of the car we had driven to the park. : ( So, we only power walked 1.25 miles, and tried to make up for the loss by jogging the last .25 mile. Whoo hoo! I do feel good. I've never been much of a runner/jogger, and that's not much, but it was challenging for me. LOL--I think it was for Daniel, too. Halfway into that .25 of a mile, Daniel began saying, "I'm running out of stamina." I asked him did that mean that I would be beating him at this? All of a sudden, he had stamina gallore! Hee hee!

I feel good!

Good job Sue! Always helps to have a little bit of motivation to get you the rest of the way!
Way to go!! I hate running!
Those challenges build character!

I'm looking forward to praying for you and offering you encouragement!
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