Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Eventful day

Oh, my, have I had a day!

To start with, my little work town had 6 traffic accidents in 12 hours. It seemed like every time I turned around somebody was in a ditch!

Then there was the riot at the local college.

And we arrested some car thieves.

I didn't think I was going to get out of work on time to go to church. But I was so glad I did. I usually am. But gosh it's hard to go to church on Wednesday nights if I have been up since 4:30am and already worked my 12 hour shift. Our new teacher did a good job, though. We talked about "Hospitality". I was pleased to find out that "hospitality" is not just having people into our homes. My home is rather my refuge. I go home and retreat (LOL). I really don't mind having company now and again, but I guess I never have been much of a Martha. I'm more of a Mary, content to listen and visit. If I stop to think of somebody who does "hospitality" well, actually my jail trustee comes to mind. I'm always calling her "the hostess with the mostest" (LOL). Whenever we have inmates, my trustee goes from cell to cell, making sure everyone has exactly what they need/want. She refills tea, asks about condiments, etc. And these are people she doesn't know. They're people with diseases and rough people who are quite accustomed to pulling the con on people to accomplish their own means. But my trustee treats them all equally with dignity. Anyway, that's good "hospitality", I reckon.

Glad class was good. I am looking forward to it!
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Thanks for sharing your class! I always love to hear a good lessen and it's nice when people share other good lessons with me as well! It's so inspiring! Thanks Sue!
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