Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Beautiful Day!

For all you folks not in Alabama, I hope God blessed you with as beautiful day as we had here. It was just GORGEOUS! And tomorrow's supposed to be pretty, too. I'm glad--I want to go walking at the park! : )

Well tonight was Donna's last night teaching us in Wednesday night ladies class. I understand why, but I want her to know how much she will be missed, too. You did a good job, Donna (despite the detour tonight--LOL)

I'm so excited, but trying not to get too excited in case it doesn't happen. My supervisor told me tonight that she and the chief finally got a schedule made up. As soon as we get the new part time dispatcher hired and trained, we are going to 8 hour shifts! Like I have said before, I really don't mind the 12 hour shifts--I get more days off that way, but the thing is, I'm scheduled to work Monday through Friday, 6am to 2pm!!!!! I'll have weekends off, and be able to pick my kids up from school. I'm so excited!! And I'm praying that we get a very nice, capable part time dispatcher. Someone who smiles a lot and knows that it doesn't cost anything to be nice.

I'm proud of my sister today. My mom told me that she had a review the other day at work. Daisy's boss told her that she was "outstanding", and she got a 15 PERCENT RAISE!!! How's that for outstanding, eh?

"They call us Diverse City, we're colorful good
It's like a freak show in your neighborhood
So if you wanna praise, you can come on down
Cause this freak show's leaving the ground . . . "

Hope you all have a COLORFUL day! : )

Thanks for the kind words. I know tonight was a detour, but I just couldn't let it go. Love is love, and it is an action not a feeling.
Awww....thanks sis! I was over-the-top happy to hear my boss say those words! The "OUTSTANDING" rating, to me, was worth more than the 15% raise, if you can believe that! I've only been doing this type of work for a year and in my first year doing it, my boss says he thinks I'm doing an OUTSTANDING job? Wow. Thanks for being proud of me! Love you!
Great Job Daisy!!!
Dad's Proud of his "baby"!!

Love Dad
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