Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back in the saddle again . . .

Well, I'm back again. Probably nobody's reading my blog anymore, but I'm here anyway. :)

Same old, same old. Work, eat, sleep, play with kids, and if life needed to be more interesting, throw potty training in! LOL.

You who know my Momma, keep her in your prayers this week as she's travelling to and from Arkansas, visiting my dad's side of the family. Safe trip, Mom! :)

Work is never dull as always. Our new chief is busy making changes to the department--most of them refreshing. LOL--at least our new uniforms are lady-friendly. ; )

I get lots of comments at work on my bumper sticker concerning one of our church members who is running for sheriff. I'm pleased to say that I hear lots of good stuff. : )

How have all of you been? I've missed blogging. : )

Glad you are back. I am glad your Mom is traveling too, it will be good for her.

Looking forward to hearing more.
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