Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Some thoughts . . .

Most of this is inspired by Donna's post yesterday. Here are a few of my thoughts and opinions. They and about $4 . . . well, I'll just meet you at Books-A-Million for that cappuccino. ; )

I'm kind of torn on the "Why do we pay preachers" issue. I've tossed it over in my head for years. On one hand, I really do feel that some preachers (not all) are vastly overpaid. But on the other hand, I really do think that it is helpful to have preachers that have a family of their own--with children. I have a real problem with people who tell us how to raise Christian children when they have had none of their own and truly have no idea what they're speaking of, y'know? So, I think it is a good thing. but preachers with families need money to support those families. So, we pay them.

"Why do we spend so much money on facilities for the church to meet in?" With that, we have to reach people where they're at. We have to show them love before they will want to be one of Jesus' followers. There's a church in our community that is growing by leaps and bounds. Why? Because they are meeting needs. They have a ministry for every possible age. And it's helpful to have facilities to accomodate this. I mean honestly, if you hadn't been raised in the church (as I was), and really had no church background, would you choose a church who met in a home when first contemplating Christianity? In this day and age? I don't know that I would. I would be much more attracted by the people who were having fun--then I would listen to the devotional and be a little more open to it. I can still hear my grandmother scornfully telling me, "Well, it's not a Country Club!" No, I agree it is not. But all the same, I think it is very important for us as Christians to have Christian friends and a Christian support system. Who else is going to understand when you're struggling with Christian or church issues? Certainly not unbelievers. We need those Christian friends to boost us onward when we falter--and encourage us. I was talking to a man whose wife attends a church where they only see their church family in church services--no contact away from church. And I think that as a society we seem to be growing towards that. We know lots of people superficially ("Hello, how are you?"), but don't really know them . Hence then need for church outreach and fellowship.

These are my scattered thoughts anyway. ; )

Our church is quite small in size but huge in heart. When we first started attending, they met at a senior center, and now they meet in an elementary school. Not what we were accustomed to, coming from churches that met in actual church buildings. But God meets us wherever two or more are gathered, so what does it matter what the walls of the place look like, right?

I checked out several posts in your blog (laughed out loud at the Reveleation/Genesis card bit; teared up at the milk piece) and enjoyed my visit here very much!
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