Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Punikin!

Today is my oldest baby's birthday. I can't believe he's 12! Like many parents, we have pet names for each of our children. We have a Punikin, a Poppet, and a Peanut. Daniel has always been our little Punikin! Full and overflowing with energy (but seems unable to pass any on to his momma!), boisterous and full of fun. He has a laugh that comes from deep down and bubbles forth and contagiously affects us all. He loves jokes and comics and is only too willing to share all of them that he comes across. Like his momma, he loves to escape to the wonderful world of books where magic abounds and happy endings are aplenty. Even bouncing off walls and ceilings, he's never too busy or embarrassed to give out hugs and kisses. Tender-hearted and loyal to a fault. I can still remember with pride the tears Daniel shed over a friend from India who didn't know God. My son, who has such a strong sense of right and wrong and wants justice for all-- looks forward to being a law enforcement officer. We tease him often that he is not a policeman yet as he attempts to correct his little sister. Like many boys, he teases his little sister unmercifully, but just let anyone mistreat her, and there would be no doubt whom her fiercest protector is. And you've never seen sillier faces than the ones that boy makes at his baby brother just to see Malachi smile. My Daniel has a God-given gift for public speaking. I don't mean to brag, because I had nothing to do with this gift--it's all God. He can get up in front of any given multitude with absolutely no fear and speak from his heart.
Wishing you the best birthday ever, my bright and beautiful blond headed, blue eyed boy!

: ) Daniel doesn't know it yet, but we saved all our pennies and we're fixing to go check Daniel out of school a little early and take him to go see the new Star Wars movie! He's going to be so excited!

Happy birthday Daniel!
Happy birthday to your son! I hope you both enjoy the memories that birthdays bring today.
Okay, Susie, It's August 2nd. Where are you?
SUSIE????? It's October 20th now. Are you OK?
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