Monday, March 07, 2005

Rainy Day

Well, it's my kind of day today. I love rainy days. Of course I'd love to be napping today, but Malachi only needed an hour today, so that's what I took! ; ) But really, I've got it good. I was listening to my scanner, and heard the officer I worked with all night still working until around 12 noon or so. Poor guy!

I'm trying a new soup recipe today. It's a chicken broth based soup, and the weather seems to go along with the soup idea. I'll let you know how it turns out. It smells good right now, but so far, I'm just boiling the chicken--LOL.

I've also got to brave the weather in a little while to go get my check from Kids Mart and any clothes that didn't sell. Wish me well!

You know what? Babies are wonderful things. Aside from the fact that we love them dearly because they are ours, they are people magnets! If you have a baby with you, people will go out of their way to speak to you (and your child), when they normally might not feel comfortable doing so. I was a bit harried when I went to the grocery store earlier today, because I had worked all night, was tired, etc. But just having Malachi with me brought all kinds of people to smile and say hello. And of course, he smiled back. And how can you not smile yourself when everyone around you is smiling?

Has anyone tried the new Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? I used to have those made at Sonic, and when I saw the commercials for the ready-made ones, I couldn't wait to try one--and I can't find one! Are they good?

Don't like cherry or vanilla in any of my drinks unless its French Vanilla Cappuccino.
This is the one drink I will gladly break my no caffeine rule for! Yum!
I just heard about that for the first time yesterday. I have to admit it sounds pretty yucky to me -- The Dr. Pepper twang just seems to be enough for any one drink. But I'll probably try it some time ...
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