Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oh, yeah . . . . MY blog!

LOL--I enjoy reading all your blogs so much that I forget to write in my own! Thanks to each one of you, whose blogs tickle me, make me cry, turn me to my Father, help me grow, and generally just take me away from my day sometimes. : )

I've been so busy! Our Kid's Mart is this weekend, so I've been cleaning out the kids' closets, washing, ironing, hanging, and pricing clothes! And I worked last night and tonight, so I'm also trying to work a nap in there somewhere--LOL. I tried to work in a nap yesterday, but no sooner had I gotten Malachi down and laid myself down, than the phone rang. It was 12:30pm, and the Chief wanted me to be at the PD by 1:30pm to be fitted for UNIFORMS! ACK! And I needed a shower!!! Have you seen police uniforms lately? Do they strike you as particularly feminine? Or feminine figure flattering? Oh, well. At least I have pretty fingernails, feminine hair (with no gray, thanks, Emily!), and my make-up. I can do this, I suppose. (yuck) And LOL--another girl dispatcher and myself were talking about the non-feminine figure flattering aspect of the uniforms, when one of the officers wanted to join in the conversation. Then he got a complex--did the uniform make HIM look fat??? LOL! We assured him that it really is mostly just a woman thing--LOL.

My husband brought me a dozen roses on Friday. No reason. Is he a prince, or what? ; )

Is anybody else just SO ready for spring/summer??? I can't wait for Easter weekend, so I can go to the beach. Definitely praying for sun, here! Thinking about you, Donna, since I know you thrive on sunny days. ; )

John just called, and he has to work late tonight. His boss is not happy that he has to leave by 8pm to pick the kids up from daycare, but what do you do? I have to be at work at 6pm. My kids are finally well again, and I have to take them to the daycare for a couple of hours tonight. Praying for good health for my kids! : )

WHOO HOO! Just one more night of work until I get 2 days off! : ) Gotta like that! I love my job, but I love playing with my kids more--and feeling rested enough to really enjoy playing with them.

Today, my goal is to smile and smile and smile some more!!!

Cheers all! : ) : ) : )

Thanks for the thoughts and you are right! Nothing perks me up like a sunny day, unless its a sunny day at the beach!! Not much longer for you!
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