Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lessons from unusual places . . .

My son decided to turn the computer stereo on while I was doing my make-up, and he ended up on "Lucky" by Britney Spears (It was on one of my aerobics CD's). What a sad song! "Isn't she lovely, this Hollywood girl . . . and they say she's so lucky--she's a star, but she cries, cries, cries in her lonely heart, thinkin', ' If there's nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night' . . ." And I couldn't help but think as I listened to this song about that "God-shaped hole" in people's hearts that we naturally try to fill with things to make us happy. But without God, do they make us happy? Not a chance! I know, I know, I'm so weird for drawing an analogy from a Britney Spears song, but it just seems so sad that there's so many people that are unhappy and have no idea why. I reckon that's why we're here, yes? Tell me what you think of my unlikely analogy . . .What do YOU think?

I think it shows great spiritual maturity when we realize people's need for God in everyday things. It is truly sad to see people try to find happiness outside of living for God.
Funny the ways that God uses even secular things (like a Britney Spears song) to teach us. This just reminds me that there are so many people out in the world who are desperately searching for God yet unaware that He is what they need. And that I need to help point the way to the only One who can satisfy their deepest longings and fill that hole in their hearts. Thanks for the reminder!
To say that atheists can't be happy is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I will bet you that you will never see the day when you will be as happy as me! You just don't have a clue and I feel sorry for anyone who wastes his or her time on all that spooky stuff you call religon.But live and let live I always say,so good luck to you and your family
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