Monday, March 28, 2005

God is good!

Well, family bloggers, God has been good to me and my family once again. John has another job as of this morning. YAY!

Also, we just got back from Mobile last night, where Daniel was competing with SELTC (South Eastern Leadership Through Christ). God blessed Daniel with a silver medal in speech, silver in song leading, his team earned a bronze in Bible Bowl, and his puppet team earned a gold medal!! We are so very pleased with Daniel, not just with the medals (although they sure put a smile on his face!), but because this was the first year he ever did anything but speech and song leading--and he did well with the new (to him) categories. All of our other kids in the youth group did REALLY well, and brought home several gold, silver, and bronze medals. I think one of my favorite things that I saw (other than Daniel's level competitions) was the 9-12 grade puppet shows. The one our group did was SO funny--then it zinged you! Really well written!

We had a really nice weekend. The weather was just BEAUTIFUL for our beach day on Friday (once we got to Gulf Shores after missing our turn and ending up at the Florida state line! LOL!), and the kids had a marvelous time! We ate at the Original Oyster House in Mobile after the competitions were over on Saturday night, and the food was SO good! I guess I had forgotten just how good fresh seafood is. : ) The Easter Bunny managed to find my kids and leave them Easter baskets full of goodies on Easter morning. Madeline just beamed at me and told me, "See! I TOLD you the Easter Bunny would find us. He's MAGIC!" LOL. We took lots of pictures, and as soon as I can, I'll post them to my website. Keep looking!

I hope you all had as nice of an Easter as we did, and that God has showered you with lots of blessings, too!

God IS good! As Celia says, "He always does what it right!"

My daddy worked at a plant all my life and there were so many times that he would come home having just been layed off. He would work whatever job he could find until he was called back. I remember once that he worked at a gas station and got burned by a hot radiator on a car. I can only imagine how stressful it is! You're on my list!
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