Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Coveting prayers . . .

Well, blogger family, I need your prayers. My husband just called me and told me that he and 3 other guys have lost their jobs. So once again, I am the sole breadwinner . . .

There's a few quotes that come to my mind when I'm feeling stressed and depressed as well.

1. If God brings you TO it, he will help you THROUGH it.

2. If it weren't for the valleys, there would be no hills.

So just try to keep your chin up because you have the best One on your side, GOD! I'll be prayin for ya sis! LOVE YOU!
Susie I hate that for you! I will be in prayer on your behalf. Maybe the right job will pop us soon!
As I read your words I got that sick in my gut feeling for you! I am so sorry! Will say a prayer for you and will pray that God openss the window before the door slams! :)
Bless both of your hearts. Saying a prayer for you.
I am so sorry! I will also pray with the others for you and your family
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