Friday, March 04, 2005


It's a beautiful day here in the Heart of Dixie! (This is how I'm choosing to see today!)

It's been a very busy day from the getgo, but how can you frown when it is so absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside. (applauding) God, you made such a pretty day!

I got up out of bed today, cold, but ready to face the day. After all it's M.O.M.S. meeting day! : ) I put Malachi in the highchair and gave him some Coco Roos and milk (his favorite), and tried to get dressed as quickly as possible. Madeline is having pajama day at school, so she was so excited to wear pajamas to school (I would be excited too!). All of a sudden, Malachi starts spewing everywhere. Stomach virus strikes again. So, I run to change out of my cream colored outfit while John starts to clean up the mess. We get Malachi bathed and dressed again. Well, maybe I can go to M.O.M.S. next week? (I haven't gotten to go in over a month) Daniel, on the other hand, is in the shower. He always takes one at night, but apparently, his school teacher told the whole class that their body odor was offensive, and Daniel decided to do his part. So, he showered (even though he had bathed last night), put on deodorant, and men's body spray. LOL--I must admit I was rather pleased with my 11 y/o son's apparent fastidiousness and wondered how long this will last? As I was curling Madeline's hair, Malachi pulled somebody's drink over on himself and the carpet! ACK! So, I had to put yet another outfit on Malachi as Daniel cleaned up the carpet (thank you, Daniel!). I went to take the kids to school, and somehow ended up there EARLY. So, we waited and listened to my scanner while waiting on someone to unlock the door. After I got home, Malachi ran over and DEMANDED more Coco Roos. Oh, I hope they stay down! I got the dishes and clothes going, was putting clothes away when the PD called. They wanted to know when I could come in and try on the silly uniforms before they sew the patches on. Naturally, I asked if paychecks were in yet (NO). I'm hoping that they come in by the time I have to be at work to try uniforms on, so I won't have to make TWO trips up there. So, yet another item is added to my day! And I have GOT to get a nap in sometime, because I'm working tonight. Wow. Maybe I'll get bedsheets washed tomorrow??

But isn't it a beautiful day to be busy in . . .

Take time to look out your window today! ; )

Yes! It is a VERY beautiful day! I agree completely!!! Good job making the best of the beautiful (but busy!) day you have today! Love you!
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