Sunday, February 27, 2005


Wow. Isn't it something how a little comment obiviously not meant to be overheard can be so hurtful?

This morning at church, I overheard a little girl say (about my sons), "Malachi looks so much like his big brother Daniel." Then the woman with the little girl replied, "Yes, he sure does. Let's hope he doesn't act like Daniel!"

Well, blogger family, how would you feel/what would you do or say? The preacher this morning preached right at me on this, and I've been praying since I heard it to forgive/forget it, but wow. I'm struggling with this. Nothing can hurt quite like someone speaking ill of your children. But keep me in your prayers on this one, because I don't want to harbor ill feelings or to let it steal my joy.

And I had been so excited to get to go to church this morning . . .

Man, that stinks. And forgiveness is hard. It is SO hard.

BTW, I was born in Houston and my family attended West University. I went to Westbury Preschool from '78 thru '80, I think.
Hey there don't let a little girl still your joy with a comment about a boy!! Little girls are famous for thinking all boys are groase and obnoxious! :) Still when it is about your own baby I know it is hard! Mommy love to ya! :)
No, the little girl didn't say anything offensive--it was the woman with the little girl that spoke badly about my son.

Thanks for the sympathy, though. : )

Cheers! : )
Okay, you get my sympathy, too. That's a rough one. That was a very inappropriate comment to say in front of a mom. I will be praying for you since I don't think you want bitterness to grow or Satan to grab your joy! Keep us posted!
I am so sorry! It is always hard to hear comments about your children, especially when it is from a brother or sister in the church. Try to not let it get to you, if you can! Perhaps she was having a bad day and Satan got the best of her at that moment. I will say a special prayer for ya:)
Susie, I'm so sorry too! I know how much you have wanted to be at church and I know how bad that hurts. I have had hurtful things said about my children there too! Daniel marches to the beat of a different drummer. He is a special and unique child as I am sure your other two will be as well. Forgiveness is hard when it comes to your kids, but you know it hurts you the most. God bless you.
Susie,I have to tell you that I have enjoyed your blog so much. L have learned things about you that I would not know just from church. About the comment about your sons. I know from having 4 children of my own that it is definitely the things we over hear or learn by mistake are the things that hurt the most. So pray for a soothed heart and spirit and love your children as much as possible. All children are not the same. They are all unique and a wonderful gift from God. Enjoy that and celebrate it . And pray for the woman who made the comment to have her eyes opened in a positive way. I didn't mean to preach but your blog really touched my heart in a way that I knew I had to comment.
Thanks so much everyone. I feel a bit better today. Thanks for the prayers and the support. It really is important to have both! : )
I'm sure this woman had no idea she'd be heard. I believe that Satan has a way of manipulating circumstances in order to steal our joy. Had she said that OUT of your hearing, you'd still be so glad you were there yesterday.

It doesn't sound like something she'd put a great deal of thought into -- sounds like she was just speaking off-the-cuff. And since it wasn't intended for your hearing in the first place, try to put it out of your mind. I will pray for your peace.

And remember, you know your son much better than she possibly could.
What an incredibly immature thing for a mother to say to a child. She is basically teaching her child that it OK to cut someone down.

I feel for you b/c this is a struggle for me. I can't stand the thought of anyone not liking me. I can't imagine what it will be like when my children are old enough to have people not like them.

What has helped me over the past few years is to think that God made us all very different. We are naturally going to like some people's much more than others. If I feel that way, other people feel that way about me. You can't be all things to all people.

I am sorry that you overheard this conversation and I pray for peace for you.
Well, the little girl was right about one thing... Malachi certainly does look like his siblings! Those blonde haired kids of yours should be a singing group or something - sorta like the Osmonds! Ooops, you've got to get some more kids on the way!
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