Friday, February 04, 2005

It's Friday!

(Pant, pant) I made it! Whoo hoo! Made it through another workout--YAY! I did Gin Miller's Simply Step Classic Moves. You know, it doesn't seem fair that it takes so much cardio to burn off pizza.

It's Friday, and I'm working tonight. Wonder what lies in store for me tonight? That's one thing that's so fun about my job. It's never the same from one night to the next!

Anyone got any neat plans for the weekend? I'm working the next two nights. Sunday, we're supposed to go to Heritage Place C of C in Birmingham for church. It's a family weekend. My sister and family and brother and family are all coming. Boy will I be tired working all night, then a day with all the family. But at least John is driving us to Birmingham--so I can sleep on the way. And Wayne Kilpatrick is the pulpit minister there, and we just love him! We love Randy, too, but we do miss Wayne from when we were members at the Homewood C of C (before we moved to Cullman).

Its a small world! I ready your intro that you were a Texas girl transplanted to the heart of Dixie. I am a native Alabamian transplanted into a Texan! My Dad grew up at the Homewood C of C and Mr. Kilpatrick was his preacher as well. One question.....Alabama or Auburn?
LOL--Alabama! We had to cheer the red team, because it was the only one to remind us of the University of Houston--GO COOGS! ; )
Good answer! I have a picture of me as a little girl standing in front of the TV holding a football bawling my eyes out the day that Bear Bryant retired!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yes, we used to go to Homewood and my sister in law is Jane. We moved the the hills of Tenn. a little over 2 years ago and love it.

Do you per chance attend church with Jim Wright who is the CEO of Childhaven there in Cullman? If so tell him I said hi.

Steve Duer
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