Thursday, February 03, 2005

Free Day!!

Wonderful day today! I know, it's kind of dismal weather here in the Heart of Dixie, but really, it's a great day! Here are a few of my blessings:
I'm off work today
My husband has a job
I have 3 healthy, adorable kids
We have a home to live in
We have food to eat
We have gas to heat our home and water and to cook with
We have electricity to light our home (and to power the blow dryer, so I'm not scary)
I had a full night's rest
See how good God is to me?
Anyone else want to share their blessings?

Amen on that blow dryer! When I was in college, one of our assignments was to name the one electrical appliance that we couldn't live without. All the old people (you know, as old as I am now) mentioned the washer, microwave...etc. I could not live without hot rollers! I can't even remember the last time I had hot rollers in my hair (does a curling iron count?)
LOL--some days I'M really thankful for my curling iron!
Hey, the hair's all-important.
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Hmmmm let me try again.
I am blessed in so many ways! Isn't God good?
I am thankful for my computer so I can blog and check on my blog family, too!
Blessings! Betty
1. I get to stay home with my kids.
2. God has met all our physical needs.
3. I have Christian sisters who support me in trying times and who are fun to be with in the good times.
4. With every move, God leads us to the right place for us (right body of believers).

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Susie!
Friday Morning--- the sun is shining!
I have two tennis dates this weekend!
It is Friday!

But the real blessing is my wonderful family and friends, but especially the sweet grandson! He lights up my life.
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