Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Well, I'm so discouraged today. : (

We had been trying to buy a house. The price was great and it was 5 bedrooms! Well, we just found out that we can't have it. The owners were going to let us just assume the payments. Fine. So, we went to the bank to have it transferred, and they said that they couldn't do that. We'd have to get a whole new loan for us. Okay. Well, we did all the paperwork, and the lady said she personally couldn't approve us because John had no credit at all, but that the vice president would approve it. So okay. We went home. We called the VP and the lady we had talked to all day Monday and Tuesday, trying to get an interview with him. No one even returned our calls. Today, we finally called the owner, and she told us that when she called the vice president, he had found her a buyer, and she sold the house. I know I prayed for God's will on this, and therefore this house must not be for us, but OH, I'm so disappointed. I don't think I'm ever gonna own my own home.

And it's been a really tough week here anyway. Monday, I had to take Malachi to the pediatrician, because he's had this horrible cough and green nose for about 6 weeks now. We can't take him anywhere, because no one wants their babies around a sick one. Then yesterday, I came home from work, took a nap with Malachi midmorning, and woke up with a really nasty stomach virus. I had to call in sick (and I NEVER call in sick). But can't you just see me trying to answer a 911 while praying to the garbage can? UGH! And before I was quite over that, Madeline woke up at 3am crying with an earache. When I woke her up this morning, she had goopy eyes too. I took her to the pediatrician--both ears infected and conjunctivitis in both eyes. This afternoon, despite the ear drops and Tylenol, she cried and cried with ear pain.

And we have a mouse in my kitchen . . .

I'm trying to smile (or at least find something to smile about) . . .

I am sorry you are having such a bad week. I sure hope and pray that all of your children get better.
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