Friday, February 18, 2005

100 things . . .

Okay, I reckon everyone else has done this. I'll give it a try . . .

1. I'm a forgiven sinner.
2. I'm a wife.
3. I'm a Momma to 3 kids.
4. I always wanted blond headed, blue eyed kids and got them! : )
5. I was always partial to blond men (Got one, but he's kinda light brown now--LOL)
6. I LOVE to laugh!
7. I love chocolate.
8. I love coffee--especially Millstone's Caramel Truffle!
9. I'm a police dispatcher and love it!
10. I work nights.
11. I don't always get to go to church because of work. : (
12. It's cold where I live today!
13. I'm a 2nd generation native Houstonian.
14. Now I live in Alabama, Heart of Dixie--and LOVE it!
15. I hate housework!
16. I love to do laundry.
17. I love to read.
18. My favorite author is Robin Jones Gunn
19. I also love to read Harry Potter books.
20. I'm also a Harry Potter movie addict.
21. I love Diet Cherry Coke
22. I used to teach aerobics.
23. I was A.F.A.A. certified.
24. I took a 9 hour aerobics certification/exam, and was the only one of the three from my gym who passed.
25. I like to sing.
26. I love to line dance.
27. I love to do step aerobics.
28. I love my kids!
29. My husband is my best friend.
30. I went to Camp Bandina when I was young (LOVED it!)
31. I went to Westbury Christian School for elementary.
32. I went to Northland Christian School for junior high.
33. I went to Klein High School for high school.
34. I love teaching Bible class for kids when I have the time to work at it.
35. I collect Precious Moments.
36. I went to Westbury Church of Christ when I was little.
37. I spent most of my junior high and high school going to Oak Ridge North Church of Christ which is now Spring Woodlands Church of Christ.
38. I strive to be positive.
39. I am not concerned with fads or trends.
40. I never leave my house without makeup!
41. I love to read.
42. I have no idea what my natural haircolor is besides the really gray part!
43. I like disco music.
44. I like country music
45. I like pop music
46. I like contemporary Christian music
47. I like Southern Gospel music.
48. I like rock music.
49. I like some rap music.
50. I love to watch movies.
51. I love the beach.
52. I love to play board games.
53. I love to play cards.
54. I played basketball in school.
55. I sang in a bar once.
56. I swung on the swing at the San Francisco Steakhouse.
57. I have never been out of the South.
58. I love to ride Sea Doos on the lake.
59. I was in the choir in high school.
60. I was the choir secretary.
61. I was in the Spanish club in high school.
62. I do NOT like to get up early.
63. I love to stay up late.
64. Conversely, I love to sleep!
65. I love to eat.
66. I like candles.
67. I like monogrammed things.
68. I like jewelry.
69. I have no body piercings, save my ears.
70. I have no tattoos.
71. I've had 3 c-sections.
72. I did 68 sit-ups in a minute in high school.
73. I love fragrances.
74. I sleep in a king size bed.
75. I don't have cable TV.
76. I spend too much time on this computer.
77. I've never had much arm strength.
78. I hate push ups, and have never incorporated them into my aerobic routines. ; )
79. I loved teaching aqua aerobics. : )
80. I learned to drive a stick-shift at the beach, and got my dad's car stuck in the sand!
81. I drove the police chief's car! : ) (So fun!)
82. I fell asleep at a slumber party once and woke up with mousse shampoo and mousse conditioner all in my hair!
83. I never fell asleep at another slumber party!
84. I love to waltz!
85. I love to polka!
86. I used to go dancing at the Wild West in Houston, the Midnight Rodeo and the Ropers Rockin' Country in Birmingham with my family.
87. I do not eat dead minners on my pizza (anchovies).
88. I like to roller skate.
89. I won first place in a darts contest once.
90. I used to be an annoying (not on purpose) telephone surveyor in high school.
91. I used to go to the beach every weekend when I was a teenager (summer and winter)
92. I love to play spoons!
93. My favorite message board is Septmeber Sprouts 2003 Playgroup
94. I love water parks! : )
95. Red is my favorite color.
96. I love to nap when it rains.
97. I love any kind of holiday decorations.
98. I have a sign on my head (that I can't get off!) that says, "Tell me your whole life story. I desperately need to know right now." that glows neon at inappropriate times.
99. I love/collect smiley faces. : )
100 (LAST ONE!) I love area-wide singings! : )

I can't believe I did it. It only took me 3 days--LOL.

You must REALLY like to read (17 & 41) Good list! You should love to sing you do it so well!!
Enjoyed it!! To answer your AZ. question...I absolutely love it here! It would be near impossible to leave. But, starting this blog has put me in touch with lots of Texan's and it reminds me of all I miss.
Dead minners!!! love it.
My husband is from Conroe and went to Camp Bandina all the time growing up!
LOL--I didn't realize that I put "I love to read" twice. Well, I do really love to read. And I do like to sing. That's what my family did for entertainment at every family get together we've ever had--LOL.
I too went to camp Bandina eveyyear from 6th grade on! Our church rented it out and took it over the first week in August every year! Love that camp! Love Harry Potter, Had a friend who was a youth minister at the Spring/Woodlands church, I think.
You sure sound FUN! I bet we have met or at least been in some of the same places sometime in Houston. Did you ever go to the summer devos? I went to every one everywhere. I had an "Encounter boyfriend" from Oakridge North. What was his name? Rance, something R and different. Cant remember. You know how those summer flings went! One week love of your lives at church camp.
I was born in Houston and went to Westbury preschool...
Hey...I grew up in Beaumont and live in Baytown now. My mom was principal of Westbury Christian elementary from 1994 - '99. My dad designed the church Web site. I love the beach -- don't get to go as much as you did, though.
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