Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Well blog, I had a new experience last night. I learned just what 10-100 means! HIGH SPEED CHASE! Apparently, while I was talking to Corporal M. (who had just come on shift), Officer P (who had just gone off shift) decided to light someone up and pull them over. That person (L) decided he didn't want to pull over and took off! So, Officer P announced 10-100! I about fell out! Corporal M took off to 10-48 Officer P (assist), and didn't know that I had locked the outer door. So Corporal M about broke through our outside door! I heard this CRASH! And Corporal M came running back in, pushed the unlock button and left. The inmates were just rolling! I called the S.O. (county) to come assist, and the dispatcher kept asking me, "WHERE ARE THEY!" I kept telling her to wait a minute, I was giving her the details as fast as the officers were huffing them out. By this time, L decided that he'd do better on foot, and bailed out of the car! Leaving his sister in law and brother in the car! A resident heard the ruckus and ran out hitting L as he ran by--"YOU STOP!" (LOL) Officer P took off after L, and Corporal M drew his gun on the brother and sister, "DON'T MOVE!" Poor people! Corporal M scared them to death! When he ascertained that they weren't going anywhere, Corporal M took off to find Officer P and L. The county police got there remarkably quickly and brought the state police! But even with 4 cops on the scene, this guy was pretty doped up and ran like the wind. He got away. But Officer P said (on the primary recorded radio), "500, you did an excellent job!" (500 is ME!) I did an excellent job. And I didn't panic! When it was over, I had the shakes pretty badly, but I did good!

I'm tired now, blog. I've had 4 hours of sleep since Monday morning.

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