Sunday, January 30, 2005


Wow! It's already so late! Well, I took a 5 hour nap today, so I guess I'm not as tired as normal.

Malachi decided that he should wake up and throw a fit at 2am this morning. By the time I got him settled in and sleeping again, I was wide awake. So, I got up and read some posts on the message board-- if you were curious. Then, I took my shower and went to work. I was so tired at work! I worked from 6am to 12pm. Not too long, but it felt like forever. I was quite sure that the clock had stopped working. The 911 map computer guy came up to check on our system and was less than pleased that the program was shut off and one of our terminals was turned off! We have 2 terminals, and I really only use one, so I hadn't noticed that the other one was off. And as for the program being shut down, I still had the map up on the screen, it just wasn't auto-locating the 911 calls as they came in. I just thought it was some kind of a glitch and was just typing the locations in to find them. It works, it just takes more time. The guy fussed at me for both problems. Hey! I'm still relatively new and computer aquainted--not friendly. I just didn't know. Oh, well. Maybe the fella was having a bad day. He was working on a Sunday, for goodness sake. When I finally got home, I went straight to bed--do not pass go, do not collect ANYTHING! And I kid you not, I woke up 5 hours later! John said that the LTC stuff was cancelled for Daniel, but I really would have liked to have gone to church--even if not for me, my kids needed to go. I was a little irked. But it was too late.

Well, it's a little late, and I have to get up and get kids to school in the morning. It's John's first day at work! WHOO HOO!! And maybe I can get a nap in with Malachi before I have to go in and work 6pm to 6am. Good night, blog! : )

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